4 Feb 2010

Can you fill in this incident form please...oh and this one...

I am never Never NEVER going to stand with a group of boys again. They are boisterous twats that hurt girls. Today was the day that I came to this conclusion *leans back, puts feet up, daydream bubble appears above head*

"JORDAN seriously stay away from me! You're going to bump into me at any moment." Me and Kiera were standing with the boys at lunch like usual cos we were bored inside, chatting away with them having a laugh. But boys being idiotic boys decided they'd had enough of talking and laughing and proceeded to fight each other. As you do. Grabbing hold of each other in sumo wrestler fashion and pushing each other into walls, pulling other boys along to way. Because that's obviously fun. *stares*

Kiera backed away from the riot and I followed her to get out of their bashing path and continued to talk and laugh COS THAT'S WHAT YOU DO. After about 3 near misses of me being battered by the boys I said (shouted) quite clearly 'STAY AWAY FROM ME I'm scared you're gonna hit me!' Which obviously meant nothing to them, as what happened next was possibly the worst and most humiliating moment of my school life...

After a few minutes we were oblivious to the continuing rabble and had a good conversation going, when suddenly my eyes met a boy's...whose were coming rapidly closer to my face, accompanied by about 5 ratherly tall bodies. BAM! I was bashed onto the ground, a VERY MUDDY field to be exact, my head ever so close to the concrete. After a split second of silence, everyone realised what had happened. Most laughed, some screamed, some murmured in shock, I burst into tears. I sat up, my hands were grazed and my right thigh hurt a lot, but that didn't bother me at the time as I had fallen into the muddiest of places therefore my WHOLE uniform and bag was caked in wet sticky mud. It felt like ages me sitting there sobbing and looking at my now shit (literally) looking appearance, but I felt two hands on mine pulling me up and dragging me away fast to the toilets. Those hands belonged to Kiera obviously, who I now declare as one of the best best friends I've ever had. If it wasn't for her being there I would still be rocking in the mud in uncontrollable sobs. She grabbed my bag and instantly just said "Don't look down, just think, you can write an amazing blog on this!" Which I admit, through my sobs, made me go "Yeah..*sniff*...yeah that's right, good blog..." I was thrust into the toilets where girls gawped at me in shock and little Year 7s pegged it out not wanting to be involved. I daren't glance at myself in the mirror to see what I actually looked like, I could paint that picture myself from everyone's reaction. Kiera took control of getting as much mud off my bag and blazer as she could, while I shoved my stinging hands under a tap and feebly attempted to wipe myself down, which evidently failed.

By now I had stopped crying and the slow emotion of anger seeped through my body as I recalled what had happened. I was effing and blinding all the way to the Medical Room about how I am (apparently) going to "POUR ACID OVER HIS EFFING HEAD AND CUT HIS FUGLY FACE OFF!!!!!!" That's still on my mind, although could have some interesting consequences. Perhaps not.

The look on the lady in the Medical Room's face said it all really as I walked in, I was ushered to a chair where I was doused in wet tissues and asked a number of questions. My Mum was phoned and she rushed down to see the sorry sight for herself. Have to say she wasn't best pleased. She turned up just as I was filling out another incident form explaining what had happened and was being told that this was going to be taken VERY seriously and I would have to be taken out of class a number of times tomorrow to explain to the Head of Year and other important sounding teachers about what had happened. Fabulous. I quick changed into clean uniform Mum had brought down and took a chance to look at my phone, to the sight of 5 new messages. Oh people had found out then.

Now lunch was well and truly over and Mum made me go to Biology, even though there was only 45mins of school left, thanks Mum. I shuffled into class where all eyes snapped onto me, and even though I kept my head down and slid into the seat next to Nadia, I could feel eyes boring into my head, don't blame them, who doesn't like a bit of gossip? So rather than just tell Nadia what had happened, I ended up giving some sort of speech to the whole class...even the teacher...who now I'm sure realises that if she wants a class to listen, create a dramatic empathetic story about the subject, people WILL listen. Have to say I felt a lot better after people had said "They should pay for a new uniform!" "I'm gonna abuse his Facebook tonight saying what a dick he is" So yeah now I'm back at home, feeling sorry for myself and not making things easier for my hands while I'm typing. Ouch. *type* ouch *type* My uniform and bag is ruined and all that's on my mind are the meeting's I'm going to have to have tomorrow *sigh* plus I feel bad as some of the boys are my friends and I know for a fact they didn't do it intentionally. Woe me woe me.

And that was the most humiliating day of my life. Sympathy welcome. *picks mud out of hair* X

What I would have looked like...if I was Asian...