11 Feb 2010

Welcome back lay ins, I've bloody missed you.

*shoves anything to do with school in wardrobe...right at the back* HELLO HALF TERM, long time no see, I'm so glad we have the opportunity for this much needed catch up.

I have been waiting for tomorrow morning for SO long. These past couple of days I've been waking up at about 5am and have just been laying there for two hours until @big_ben_clock goes BONG BONG BONG BONG BONG BONG BONG...then I get up. Now it shall have to go BONG BONG BONG BONG BONG BONG BONG BONG BONG BONG before I even consider moving. I can't WAIT.

The other morning after I got BONGed out of bed, I went to switch my light on when the bulb exploded (yes EXPLODED) somehow causing all the electricity to trip in the house, oops. For some greenhouse gas reason my Dad ...INTERRUPTION IN BLOG: excuse me while I go throttle my brother who's playing ping pong on the wooden floor, *screams heard, fades out*...yes so my Dad put an energy saving lightbulb in energy...and I'm not kidding, when I switched the light back on, I still thought it was off. They are shockingly shite. It's like the light's a bit wary of coming on and just goes "...Is it safe to come on? Shall I...shall I just erm brighten up just a tinsy bit first? Then um I'll turn on reaaallyyy slowly, so she doesn't notice" I'm not a bloody criminal I JUST WANT SOME EFFING LIGHT!

Today me and my Mum had to send a very angry complaint email *cue long angry posh words* to our gym. The manager gave me a month's free membership before Christmas to use when I want, because they stopped the scheme I was using there. So, me and Mum went down there after school yesterday and handed the email over saying what it was (the letter stated we ONLY had to bring the email, remember that point) So the girl gave us a form to fill in after asking my age, hate it when people do that, I want to look 16, not over or under that age. Then she said "Oh and if you can bring some ID over with the completed form we can give you the card" Er sorry what? ID? For a gym? For me? "Oh yeah company policy and for insurance purposes." I'm 16. One, I don't HAVE ID apart from a passport, and two why the hell do I have to bring ID for a gym? Mum stayed calm saying we didn't have any and we'll bring it next time but oh no that wasn't 'company policy'. YOU'RE A GYM. That did it for Mum, she demanded to see the manager, gotta love my Mum angry. After 20 MINUTES of waiting, oh foots were tapping at this point, some ditsy 'Bianca from Eastenders' looking and sounding person came over going 'Got a problem?' If my Mum had PMT she would have floored her there and then. After explaining and exaggerating our 'problem' all we got was more insurance and policy lark, sorry sorry sorry 'I know how you feel' ER NO YOU DON'T kind of thing. So Mum stormed out leaving me trailing along with all the bags dropping everything, thanks Mum, and we went round my Mum's best friend's instead so Mum could vent her anger and then laugh about it. A much better spent evening me thinks. Mum emailed the angry complaint today, I can't wait to see them grovel.

Who likes assemblies? *tumbleweed floats past, crickets er cricket* I thought as much. We've had two this week, paaiinnffuulll you might think. Alas no cringe not, this were remotely interesting as the first was to tell us who our new Headmaster will be...and nicknames are coming in thick and fast already. God help us. So happy I'm only gonna be in sixth form and not proper school if I'm pretty sure he is 'The man who looks like a thumb'

The second assembly we had today, it was pretty repetitive of all our others, '*insert number here* weeks left!' WORKWORKWORK' 'Start revising NOW' 'You're not gonna have a job if you don't work hard' YES WE KNOW, stop putting so much pressure on us jeeeez. But at the end of this one a girl from our year who is er a bit weird did a speech she had done in English, about the use of text speak. It was LOLtastic. Have to admit it was pretty good and funny, "'I woz lyk OMG I ROFLMAOed at wot u jus sed!' You won't see the Prime Minister going 'OMFG look at dat honourable gentlemen lookin lyk a tard LOLOLOLOLOL.'" It was effing hilarious the way she was saying it. Wish all assemblies were like that! Actually I wish all assemblies were done through Twitter.

Those were my last few days and next week I will chillax to the max and spot many celebs. BRING. IT. ON. X


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