16 Feb 2010


Valentine's Day has never meant anything to me. It will do one year, I hope. Actually, the one year it meant something to me is when a boy gave me a dolphin necklace in Year 3. I still have that necklace now, bless. But other than that? Nope, never. I'm destined to be a nun, or live alone with 100 cats *sigh* Saying that though my parents don't do anything on Valentine's Day either so it's not as if it's rubbed in my face. Until I go on Facebook. 'Chris babey I luv you forever and ever always in my heart XXXXX' Oh eff off.
Me and Mum went to see 'Valentine's Day', BIG mistake. Never let me go to the cinema on Vday EVER again. It's cringey and packed. The film was okay, uber cheesy but not awful, some of the acting was a bit poor though and not realistic, I was quite surprised at Ashton Kutcher who was quite bad in parts, but oh well it killed 3 hours. And for most of it I just kept thinking how much Jessica Alba looks like Quinn from Glee...
Well, kind of.

I had a moment Valentine's Day night. A strange moment. It's one of those moments only a teen girl understands, where something happens and you suddenly think 'OMG everyone hates me' Yeah, sad I know, don't judge me. Cos I'm 16 right but I don't feel or want to be 16. I want to be older. I want to move to London and live a proper life with a job and excitement and be able to do what I want to do, and I can't now, I feel like I'm tied down with chains to this house and hate being in a routine with school and coursework and whatnot. I HATE IT. I don't even feel 16, yeah all my best friends are 16 but I get on so much better with older people, I have the best convos with adults on Twitter and feel like one of them! So being in the emotional state I was, I tweeted saying 'I wish I was older, I could do so much stuff, I feel like I'm tied down being 16. I think it's cos I always wanna join in all the tweets on here but then I realise I'm 16 and they'll want me to go away *hangs head*'
Then I declared Twitter my Valentine. Honestly there is more love on there than in the 'real world' I got replies from people telling me 'not to be stupid you're age doesn't stop you doing anything, you do what you like, we all love you, why do you think you've got over 500 followers?!' etc etc. I actually welled up, and I NEVER tear up at anything. Not even at Titanic. Or Bambi. I have so much love for the people I've got to know on Twitter, they're like my second family. I'm declaring @salihughes as my Mum and @simperman as my Dad. @CarrieCardiff can be my Auntie.

Okay this is the time where I'm going to mention @emmybabee. Oh my God I don't think we could be any more similar. I'm basically a mini her. Somehow she started following me and our twiendship (sad I know but had to be done) began when she replied to a tweet I made; after going on her profile and seeing she was a blogger too, I realised she was in love with Heat like me and wants to be a journalist, like me. Bingo, someone I can take advice from! So we got chatting about Heat and she helped me with A levels and whatnot, and now we tweet like every day, and we're realising a bit more each day that we're more similar than we think. Last night we hit the epic evidence that this was so. We tweeted EXACTLY the same tweet at EXACTLY the same time. Wow. GET OUT OF MY HEAD EMMA! This is another thing that makes me believe in fate. All the people I've met recently and everything I've done, every tweet I've tweeted, has had an impact on me and was meant to be. OHHHHHH this is a deep blog. What is WRONG with me.

Yesterday the time had come when I had to stay at my Nan and Grandad's for the night. Why? To let Mum get some work done at home. I stay in my bloody room most of the day on twitter working so why the hell did I have to go?! I bid a sad farewell to Twitter for 48 hours, packed a bag and went on my way. They don't have Internet, you see my problem. The only way I was going to tweet was if I was prepared to go over on my phone contract and face the wrath of my Mum when the bill comes through. Oops. So after all the questions about school and work and friends and my non-existent love life, my N and G had topped up all their info and I was left alone...doing nothing...hmmm. So what did I do? Put on Beauty and the Beast, that's what I did. A plus point of staying at your Gparents, getting spoilt rotten and treated like a 7 year old, brilliant. And I LOVE Beauty and the Beast. LOVE IT LOVE IT LOVE IT. Then I watched Bambi, then Snow White, then played Scrabble. Funtimes right? I managed to go what oooh 3 hours before I caved in and went on Twitter #addictgetmehelppronto I managed to ration myself to 3 mins on Twitter every half an hour, like a Nicotine patch. I yelped in Bambi though as the owl in it said 'Look they're twitterpated' QUOI?! WHAT WAS THAT OWL?! TWITTERPATED?! I am twitterpated, it means to be in love in Bambi language, but I think being in love with Twitter is more appropriate.

I love my Gparents, I really do, they come out with the funny lines. "Do you want me to cut your chicken up for you dear?" "No thanks Nan I can take it from here" Bless her. And I find out things that I never expected in a million years. I was showing my Gdad my Textiles coursework, explaining it in detail, and I didn't realise why he was so interested till he came out with "I used to work at the London College of Fashion" I nearly fell off my chair. My Grandad? At the LCOF? Wellinever.

After a trillion games of Scrabble and a few Disney films I decided to retire to bed, at 10.30pm.
This morning it was chucking it down, well actually it still is, bloody English weather, but never mind all is well as I'M GOING TO CYPRUS AT EASTER *jumps up and down and claps* But my Nan said "Oh Louise if it carries on like this you'll be stranded here for a week' *chokes on bacon sarnie* It stopped.

It was definitely worth staying though, I do love them to pieces, and I did get a fiver and this week's issue of Heat from them.

And now it's time for the Brits. I am not jealous of anyone I know who's going. *repeats over and over again* Even if Caz is sitting on a table with Shirley Bassey *clenches fists* Mind you from what I've seen already it looks a bit of a shambles. LOVE IT. X

My Dad just shouted at the football on TV 'YOU LAXIDATED LITTLE NIMPLETHWIX' He is clearly not from this planet.

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  1. Can I be your twitter-brother? :lol: I don't have to wait for V-Day for "I vowww you!!~!!!!!!" to appear on my facebook ;/