2 Feb 2010

Jones, Louise Jones. Showbiz Reporter.

Da da da da da da da da da da da da da da DA DADADA DA! Yes mes amis you know what that sound means...No I am not your father *breathes in and out Darth Vader fashion* It's the opening tune to Dancing on Ice foooooooools! I got a text from my Mum at school saying 'We've got Dancing on Ice tickets!!!' I screamed and bounced on my stool; to my friends it looked like I'd got a tiny bit too excited about Collision Theory. Alas no that time had not (and never will) come, I'm going to DOI Sunday 21st Feb! YAY! Was the highlight of this very spiffing (lies) very lovely (lies) very interesting (lies) very normal (li...truth) day.

TIS FEBRUARY YOUNG ONES! The first month of this important year has passed like that *watches cheetah run past...cos there are cheetahs roaming in my garden clearly* Been very eventful! Back to school, Mock results back, sixth form application in, NTAs, (kind of) job, Big Brother, Glee and fancy shizz like that. Marvellous.

February shall hold many wonders. 1) Ant & Dec recording. 2) DOI. 3) Half term. 4) That weird very fast ending to the month where you go WTF what happened to the 30s? Why did February get the short (literally) straw and have to cut its visit to our lives short? These are the things that trouble me.

Today is Tuesday. Today is Heatday. Today was the day I realised that people know I'm addicted to Heat. Today, like I do every Tuesday, I stopped off at the shop on the way to school to grab a brand spanking new copy of Heat. However today I spazzed out in the process. HEAT WAS NOT IN MY EYESIGHT. Every other magazine was there, APART FROM HEAT. So I grabbed Best instead, put it on the counter to hear the little Indian man go '£1.65' This is the price of Heat, the little Indian man in the shop obviously knows me too well and instinctively knew I would come in at 8am to buy Heat. A very puzzled look came across the little Indian man's face as he shuffled over to the mag stand to see where Heat had gone, he was clearly distressed by the fact I hadn't brought him Heat. Either that or I was giving involuntary daggers to him as if to say 'If you don't bring me Heat, I WILL cut you bitch.' Anyway, the chaos inside my fragile mind died down as he found my beloved mag combined with Closer (the Closer side was showing on the stand, shocking behaviour) WIN! And that was the time I realised little Indian men know what I love.

I think that will be it for this blog. Nothing much to REPORT on. OHHHH see what I did there? Yes chaps I am now a Showbiz Reporter for a magazine, my life plan in unfolding before me! *gets party poppers, hats and kazoos out* Life is fabbity fab fab! And I love love love Twitter and the people who take up my feed. (@simperman @salihughes @heatworld @carriecardiff especially)

I now lub and leave you with some amusing baby photos of myself. Enjoy. X

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