6 Jan 2010


EVERYBODY STOP! There's a dusting of snow, therefore, EVERYTHING MUST COME TO A STAND STILL OR WE WILL ALL DIE! *builds ark 2012 style*

I love the fascination and chaos that comes with snow. Most of the time it's snow unneccessary...see what I did there? ;) But to be honest I don't care, it's great, it's exciting, IT'S WHITE FLUFFY STUFF :D No matter how much it snows, year after year after year, everyone still gets so amazed by it! And the same process happens, well in a child and teenager's life anyway.

1. You hear that there's a possibility that it could snow in your area over the next couple of days.
2. Ever minute you have spare you either a) check the weather online, or b) constantly stare out the window or go outside and squint at the air and sky for any signs of white fluffiness.
3. As soon as you wake up in the morning your face and hands are plastered against your bedroom window to see if Narnia has arrived.
4. No matter how thick it is, if any settled snow is visible on the ground you turn into a 7 year old and scream with happiness, instantly stating that school is off.
5. You turn on radios, facebook and school websites just to confirm your theory.
6. You go through that agonising wait for your School's name and refresh websites every 10 seconds whilst also informing facebook that your headteacher is gay or an idiot/twat/other word to that effect...until you hear your school's name, then they're amazing, funny that.
7. When there's been conformation school's off, you either a) go back to bed, or b) go out in the snow for about 10mins before getting bored and going to watch Jeremy Kyle.

For the rest of the country though, it goes mad! TREACHEROUS conditions on roads. EXTREME lack of gas and electricity. GOD FORBID IF YOU LEAVE YOUR HOUSE. It's hilarious, like an army mission to keep the UK working.

Anyway, I LOVE's white and fluffy! But then again I'm biased, I'm 16 and would much rather stay in bed than go to school to be frank.

To end this blog I'd like to share a comment just made by my friend @NadiaHutchins:
"Contemporary dance annoys me, probably because i don't understand it. I mean, i get it looks good, and it's meant to be expressing yourself through dance and whatnot, but if i'm honest, it does just look like you're rolling around on the floor."
God I love her

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