30 Jan 2010


It's been a week since my last blog I refuse to repeat what happened *adjusts lucky horse shoe above laptop*

So Monday was meant to be the most depressing day of the year. Post Christmas bills start to come through and arguments with partners cause break ups, lovely. I thought that day was alright; however can't say the same for my teachers, my theory is that they all had severe PMS, even the male ones.

I entered an amazing competition Monday too to go the X Factor tour, get free food, free accomodation and go backstage, AHH!
This week was a very competition..y week as a matter of fact, I entered 4 within the space of 4 days. Sad? No. Obessessed? Yes. Two Big Brother ones, the X Factor one and a Heat one.

Wednesday was clearly the best day of this week. Found out if I had succeeded in my first 'freelance showbiz journalist' *smug smile* job. And I did! Getting paid and all. UTTERLY BRILLIANT! Speaking of utterly brilliant, Davina went into CBB. HER TIME HAD COME and I don't think there has been quite a TV gold moment, I would even go as far to saying it was platinum. She was diguised and had the 4 male housemates literally harassing her to find out who she was. Got in a right state in the diary room bless her; I just wanted to run in there myself and grab and save her. But I settled for a virtual hug instead. Alas that hug could be real if I get to go to CBB this Summer courtesy of @simperman! *keeps calm and hopes down*

Oh what larks Thursday was. Had our first Citizenship lesson, basically just learning about crime and murder, hmm. But when we saw who our teacher was we couldn't wait to hear more! No, it wasn't Jack the Ripper you fool, we're not Waterloo Road, it was THE CAMPEST teacher around. He spoke like the caterpillar in Alice and Wonderland, you know the 'Whooo areee youuuuu' smoking thing. This teacher, I don't even know his name, grinned like the cheshire cat (his favourite film was clearly Alice in Wonderland) at all times. Par Exemple, 'And he BEHEADED them!! :D :D :D' We were stunned yet highly amused by this man, who then went on to be very racist, yet claim he could not be racist because he himself was indian...don't really think it works like that but there you are.

Friday shall be called Batterday from hence forth. Because I got battered and bruised to the extent of me thinking I could quite possibly die on the way home. In my Business class I went to sit down when a not needed (well it probably was) pole got in the way of my knee and decided to bash into it, causing me to scream, cry and collapse on the ground. I was oh so tempted to then go 'Have you ever had an accident at work that wasn't your fault?' but I resisted. I seriously thought I had broken it, I couldn't walk for the rest of the day. So now my knee is all purple and strapped up, sob. Then I got pelted with a milkshake bottle by a twat of a Year 9 boy, well he did apologise, but nevertheless *stares angrily* Talking of younger years, we were sitting at lunch when two Year 10s proceeded to drag our table over the them. Why? It's beyond me.
On the bright side, I got follow fridays from quite a few people, including Heat! And Karen Edwards (who works for the genius mag) is now following me! YAY.
A big weight was also lifted off my shoulders yesterday as I handed in a lot of coursework and my Sixth Form/A Level application letter. Da da DAAAAAA! It was a tense moment. English Language, Media Studies, Human Biology (yes there's a difference) and Psychology, with English Literature as a reserve. Sound good? Me thinks so.
It was the end of CBB last night. Alex Reid won and I have to be honest, I'm glad! He changed the public's view on him and therefore deserves it. I'm gonna be a lost puppy without it now though, what am I going to spend my evenings doing? Suggestions welcome.

So that was a round up of my week, and I leave you with a pork scratching that looks like a pig. I refuse to eat it. CIAO.

P.S. My blog title is related to Eddie Izzard's 'Stripped' WATCH IT.

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