2 Jan 2010

A Levels *bangs head on desk*

Can someone just choose them for me? Please? I'll do anything, well nearly anything. Honestly I have found nothing so stressful in my life...apart from learning French but we won't go into that. After last night's blog I figured I'd lighten up this one, so I chose to vent my stress on A Levels, good one Louise *biffs self on noggin*

I haven't even done my GCSEs yet and I have to choose my 4 subjects and hand in my sixth form application in the next month. Why is it that when someone says in December anything about January and February we're like 'Oh that's aaaaages away :)', when it's really not. As soon as January 1st BAM! 'OH CRAP' Mhmm *nods head in 'ohhh yes' kind of way*

So here's the deal with me, these are they subjects I'm looking at taking, and I need to choose 4:
English Language

I'm pretty sure English Language is a definate. Media, mmm, it WAS a definate but after much needed research I'm pulling myself away from it, even though I want to work in the Media as it looks like Unis and jobs don't give a stuff if you have it as an A Level or not. *crosses off*. Psychology sounds interesting but hard work, would love to do it though. History is good if you wanna be a journalist or write in general, so I guess I should seriously consider it, even though I didn't do it at GCSE. Biology I'm good at, find interesting and don't want 4 essay based subjects, plus it's not an 'Englishy subject' and more academic. Politics is also good for journalism and I don't understand it so would be good to know more about it I suppose. Plus politics in today's economic climate *puts on geeky glasses* looks a bit dismal to be honest so I'd have a lot to write about, ha.

That's the hoedown lowdown on my choices. I'll get there in the end. But for now, it's munch time. CIAO X

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