14 Jan 2010

Respect midpoints? No.

Who else find this really strange? I had Maths last today and one of the questions included the phrase, "...are the midpoints of AB, BC and OC respectively" No, I'm telling you now I will NOT respect something that HURTS MY TINY FRAGILE BRAIN. I do not and can guarantee right now that I will never ever have to work out Vectors in my life. Hmph.

MOVING ON. I got my GCSE mock results today and I'm quite happy with them. :) 6 As, 4 Bs and 1 C. Quite good don't you think? Considering I do not understand a word in my Physics and Chemistry lessons...I make sexual innuendos with Nadia from what my teachers say instead...and got a B in them! Genius. I won't talk about the C in Business. I don't do Business.

Has anyone else thought this week has gone really fast? Seems like only last night I was transported and brainwashed into the marvellous world of Glee...Oh.My.Glee <3 8d.="" a="" along="" am="" amazing="" and="" be="""" blogging="" bloody="" br="" but="" cheesy="" d="" did="" different="" disowned="" don="" downloaded="" drippy="" effing="" even="""" fear="" first="" for="" fringe="" haven="" high="" how="" hsp...alas="" i="" impressions.="" in="" is="" it.="" it="" know="" last="" lot.="" love="" make="" makes="" much="" musical-ish="" my="" night...http:="" not="" ohwell.="" ones.="" s="" school="" show="" sing="" slightest.="" so="" soundtrack="" t="" that="" the="" this="" thought="" to="" ugly="" up="" ve="" vlog="" what="" why="" with="" young="">
I'm off to wash my feet. Don't ask. SO LONGGGGGGGGGGGGGG FRIENDS. X

P.P.S. Next week is drawing closer, NTA TIME! Oh what a blog that shall be.
P.P.P.S. JOIN THIS NOW for @jonalmond.
P.P.P.P.S. Did anyone find out what P.S. means?

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